CAV 2007

Computer Aided Verification (CAV)

19th International Conference

July 3-7, 2007, Berlin, Germany



All fees are in Euro.

Registration Categories

(CAV only)

Registration Deadlines

(CAV only)

The deadlines for the various registrations are:

Online Registration

Online registration closes at June 27th. After this date, on-site registration only is possible (at Late registration rates).

CAV Registration Fees


Workshop Registration Fees

The following table gives the fees for the various workshops in Euro

GVD 2007 (July 1) 90 Euro
SPIN 2007 (July 1-3) 230 Euro (Optional Dinner +50)
FMICS 2007 (July 1-2) 245 Euro
SMT 2007 (July 1-2) 175 Euro
ARTIST Workshop (July 1-2) 170 Euro (Optional Dinner +40)
AHA 07 (July 2) 85 Euro
PDMC 07 (July 8) 105 Euro

Reductions for Multiple Registrations

Registration for more than one workshop is possible (e.g., to receive their proceedings or similar). In this case, fees for the second and any further workshop scheduled for the same day are reduced by 75 Euros/day.

An exception to this rule is SPIN, which starts after lunch on July 1 and ends with lunch on July 3. If SPIN is booked as the second (or third or...) workshop on any of these days, the fee is reduced by

What Registration Fees Cover

CAV and all Workshops
All Workshops CAV GVD 2007 SPIN 2007 FMICS 2007 SMT 2007 ARTIST Workshop PDMC 07


Extra proceedings for CAV and Workshops (e.g., those, that have proceedings) can be purchased on-site. There is no option to purchase them during the registration process.

Refund Policies

Payment Methods

You can pay your registration fees by

Credit Card Payment

On behalf of Oldenburg University, (B+W Daten Service, Oldenburg, Germany) will charge the registration fees from your credit card. The account statement of your credit card will therefore list (not Oldenburg University or CAV).


The online registration can be found here.
(On-line Registration is closed. Registration is still possible on-site.)